High Q:
High Q is a competition among area high schools that duel to answer questions in categories from anthropology to zoology. The program is national so students in their respective teams have the opportunity to compete for the national title each year.
  Recent Episodes  
Episode 47
Ysleta vs Coronado
Episode 46
Coronado vs Ysleta
Episode 45
Ysleta vs El Paso
Episode 44
Coronado vs El Paso
Episode 43
Valle Verde vs Ysleta
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Episode 42
Franklin vs Ysleta
Episode 41
Valle Verde vs Northwest
Episode 40
El Paso vs Franklin
Episode 39
Coronado vs Valle Verde
Episode 38
Jefferson/Silva vs Ysleta
  Previous Episodes  
Episode 37
Montwood vs Northwest
Episode 36
Cotton Valley vs Ysleta
Episode 35
Jeff/Silva vs Riverside
Episode 34
Transmountain vs Northwest
Episode 33
Montwood vs Bel Air
  Previous Episodes  
Episode 32
Ysleta vs Americas
Episode 31
Chapin vs Riverside
Episode 30
Northwest vs Hanks
Episode 29
Irvin vs BelAir
Episode 28
Americas vs Burges
  Previous Episodes  
Episode 27
Eastwood vs Ysleta
Episode 26
Riverside vs Andress
Episode 25
El Dorado vs Chapin
Episode 24
Del Valle vs Hanks
Episode 23
Northwest vs Gadsden
  Previous Episodes  
Episode 22
Bowie vs Irvin
Episode 21
Austin vs Ysleta
Episode 20
Harmony vs Andress
Episode 19
Gadsden vs Socorro
Episode 18
Franklin vs Cotton Valley
  Previous Episodes  
Episode 17
Jefferson/Silva vs El Paso
Episode 16
Transmountain vs Valle Verde
Episode 15
Coronado vs Montwood
Episode 14
El Paso vs Northwest
Episode 13
Jefferson/Silva vs Del Valle
  Previous Episodes  
Episode 12
Valle Verde vs El Dorado
Episode 11
Riverside vs Transmountain
Episode 10
Coronado vs. Americas
Episode 9
Cotton vs. Burges
Episode 8
Franklin vs. Ysleta
  Previous Episodes  
Episode 7
Andress vs. Northwest
Episode 6
Harmony vs. El Paso
Episode 5
Del Valle vs. Chapin
Episode 4
Transmountain vs. Socorro
Episode 3
Riverside vs. Gadsden
  Previous Episodes  
Episode 2
Montwood vs. Bel Air
Episode 1
Bowie vs. Americas

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