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PBS El Paso and KTEP proudly present Frontera, Connected

Join our host Aaron Montes in a thought-provoking and engaging series of round table discussions that delve into the pressing issues shaping our local community. Through in-depth discussions and open dialogue, "Frontera, Connected" aims to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise in our vibrant border city. 
Gain unique perspectives from those who play crucial roles in shaping policies, creating change, and addressing the needs of our community.

We value your participation and input, which is why "Frontera, Connected" invites audience questions and encourages viewers to actively engage in the discourse. Your voice matters, and this series provides a platform for your questions, concerns, and ideas to be heard

After learning about an upcoming topic, send in your questions to or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram @PBSElPaso!