KCOS, El Paso’s PBS Station, is proud to support “GO, SÍ EL PASO!”, a non-profit project focused on creating a unique children’s book that promotes childhood literacy, artistic expression, and cultural exchange. The best part about this project is that it celebrates the aesthetic of El Paso through the artistic talent of local high school students who participate in a city-wide art contest and a narrative in English and Spanish. El Paso landmarks like the majestic Franklin Mountains, the iconic El Paso Star, and the vibrant Lincoln Park are some of the many possibilities that can be featured in GO, SÍ EL PASO!

This project falls perfectly in line with what KCOS values; celebrating the arts and culture while advocating for literacy and education. KCOS also cherishes the rich cultural diversity in the Sun City, which is also something that GO, SÍ EL PASO! recognizes in their project. KCOS undoubtedly support this project with full confidence.


The children’s book features artwork of distinctive El Paso, Texas landmarks created by local high school students in a city-wide art contest, and a narrative in English & en Español.

The children’s book is written in both English and Spanish. About 1,000 copies of the finished book have been donated to first-grade classrooms at public elementary schools across the area, to municipal libraries, and to students in Juarez, Mexico. High school art students from area school districts competed to have their artwork featured in the book, and scholarships were awarded for the top three entries.

The concept of the book can be summarized in three parts:

The Story: A group of kids go on a field trip and use magical sunglasses to “see” El Paso, TX from different perspectives.

The Process: local high school artists depict about 25 landmarks in many artistic styles. Judges pick book art and give scholarships.

The Sunglasses: Magical sunglasses provide a reason for each page of the book being unique. As the fieldtrip unfolds, the kids “see” El Paso and learn about its culture.

The book can be purchased on our website here, and for every two books purchased, KCOS will purchase one book and donate that to the community to spread the beautiful message of El Paso pride!