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Voices from our community

Dr. Lawrence Schovanec, President, Texas Tech University:

“Texas Tech Public Media and KCOS share similar missions of informing and educating their local communities, as well as bringing innovative programming that challenges younger and older viewers alike. It is this mission alignment that will allow our partnership to thrive and allow each station to have an even bigger impact in their communities.”

Emily Loya, KCOS:

“This partnership will allow KCOS and KTTZ to consolidate operating expenses and activities and build capacity for innovation and greater local and regional service in the areas of content and education. Both stations will continue to produce and air their own programming, and both stations will continue to work with their existing partners to provide educational and cultural offerings to their diverse local audiences.”

Paul Allen Hunton, Texas Tech Public Media:

“The Texas Tech Public Media family is excited to welcome KCOS, and we are looking forward to collaborating with Emily Loya and our colleagues in El Paso. We are committed to continuing local programming and outreach in El Paso, including increasing the use of PBS Learning Media in El Paso schools and developing more robust local content that tells the amazing stories of the people of El Paso and West Texas.”

Ted Krichels, Senior Vice President, System Development and Media Strategy, Corporation for Public Broadcasting:

“Local partnerships enable local public media stations to flourish by streamlining operations and allowing them to focus on producing quality educational programming with a strong regional flavor. We support the consolidation efforts of KCOS and KTTZ and hope the citizens in West Texas will benefit from the combined strengths and increased capacities of these two stations, said Ted Krichels, Corporation for Public Broadcasting Senior Vice President, System Development and Media Strategy.

Jim Dunford, Senior Vice President, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS):

“This merger reaffirms PBS’s commitment to serve West Texans with content that educates, inspires and entertains. We're thrilled that our member stations will team up to expand its footprint and continue to do what it does so well: strengthen communities, prepare children for success in school and help viewers explore the world around them,” said Jim Dunford, PBS Senior Vice President.

Chris Cook, Managing Director of the Office of Communications & Marketing, Texas Tech University:

“El Paso is rich in culture, people, history, and geography and there are so many stories that this community could share with the rest of Texas,” said Chris Cook, Managing Director of the Office of Communications and Marketing for Texas Tech Public Media. “We are excited to collaborate with KCOS to explore what’s new and exciting in and around El Paso such as new restaurants, the underground music scene, as well as promote the rich history in El Paso and share this with the rest of Texas. This partnership will provide the platform for us to do so.”

Dr. William Serrata, President, El Paso Community College (EPCC):

“KCOS is an example of one of EPCC’s many community partners, the station is a strong collaborator with El Paso’s education community and has been a dynamic partner to EPCC for many years. We look forward to the opportunities that will be created by their new partnership with Texas Tech, and continuing our collaborations with KCOS to educate and engage El Pasoans of all ages.”

Vanessa V. Alarcon, Board Chair, KCOS Board of Directors:

“The media landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has taken notice. In order to keep local PBS stations relevant and help them produce content that really stands out, CPB is encouraging PBS stations to consolidate their administrative functions. We believe our new collaboration with Texas Tech Public Media will lead to improved local content and reduced back-end costs".

Dr. Richard Lange, President, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso

“As the voice of El Paso, KCOS has been an important source of local programming, including shows about health and well-being that reach all El Pasoans. We share KCOS’s commitment to our region, and to improving the quality of life for those who live here. It has been and will continue to be a vital partner in our mission to build a healthier El Paso. We are delighted to see our hometown PBS station formalize its relationship with our Texas Tech University family.”

Dee Margo, Mayor, City of El Paso:

“KCOS has played a vital role in the El Paso community for more than 40 years. Thanks to its strong local partnerships and its local advisory board, we expect that it will continue to be a cornerstone of regional storytelling and culture for decades to come.”

Joyce Wilson, Past Chair, KCOS Board of Directors:

“This new partnership makes tremendous sense and helps preserve a long-time local institution. I am delighted that the Federal Communications Commission has moved to strengthen West Texas public broadcasting and bolster the valuable community resource we have in KCOS.”

Dr. Richard D. Pineda, Chair of the Department of Communication, UTEP and Host, KCOS High-Q:

KCOS’ partnership with KTTZ means that public broadcasting in West Texas remains on a positive, upward trajectory. The development insures educational and impactful public broadcasting will continue and will reach an even broader and more diverse audiences across the region. KCOS’ presence in El Paso and KTTZ’s experience are a winning combination for the El Paso region.