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Witnessing a Revolution

Only in El Paso | S8E04


In this episode, we take a peek into the history of our city, it’s longstanding neighborhoods and it’s important role in the Mexican Revolution. 🇺🇸🇲🇽

Watch this episode starting December 2nd at 7PM. Until then, catch up on the series below!

Only in El Paso | S8E01 | Xingaderas

Local El Paso Artist, Manuel Urueta, is inspired by the collision of cultures within our border town, deriving influence from traditional Mexican mask art to spread awareness about multiple cultural subjects aiming to unite humanity.

Only in El Paso | S8E02 | Monteleone's

We’re back with a spooky new episode… just in time for the Halloween season. We visit with local restaurant, Monteleone’s Ristorante, to uncover the ghostly stories behind the intriguing establishment. 

Only in El Paso | S8E03 | Femme Frontera

Femme Frontera is a nonprofit organization that was created to help elevate the borderland by empowering women and non-binary filmmakers to share their stories through the art of film. Learn all about how they have been an integral part in our community.