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A Puppeteer, A Storyteller

Only in El Paso | S9E2


We sit down with Anthony Michael Stokes, an artist who is redefining the boundaries of his craft. We learn about the dynamic realm of puppetry, debunking the misconception that it's only for kids. Stokes explains his passion for stories that people take for granted and how he gives them depth to exist on a different platform.

Only in El Paso | S9E1 | Fronterizos Fight for Climate Justice
In this episode of Only In El Paso, learn about Amanecer People's Project, a local non-profit along the El Paso, TX frontera. Watch now and learn more about this passion-driven group of environmental justice activists who are fighting for a better tomorrow.

Only in El Paso | S8E04 | Witnessing a Revolution

Join us as we take a peek into our city's history in the Mexican Revolution and learn about the famous revolutionaries who spent time in our neighborhoods.

Only in El Paso | S8E05 | Dave's

Located in one of the oldest buildings in El Paso, TX, Dave’s A Pawn Shop has, through the decades, established itself as an iconic staple of downtown El Paso. This episode of gives you a peek inside this interesting, eclectic, and one-of-a-kind shop!

Only in El Paso | S8E09 | Bridge Pups Rescue

On this episode of Only In El Paso, we sit down with Ruby Montana and learn about Bridge Pups Rescue, an organization that Ruby created to rescue and reunite pets with their families after being separated crossing the southwest border.