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1st Place

"My Lost Dogs!"

by Jaxon Prine

2nd Place


by Jayden Manzo-Mico

3rd Place

"Jojo My Pet Triceratops"

by Maximus Huerta

4th Place


by Raylie Hernandez

First Grade

1st Place

"The Dragon That Attacked the Castle"

by Yadier Isaac Viana

2nd Place

"The Base on the Moon/Mars"

by Diego Weddell

3rd Place

"Radford Tea Party"

by Hailey Wang

4th Place

"The Easter Bunny's Eggs"

by Alacelia Marquez

Second Grade

1st Place

"My Banana Who Made a Split"

by Chiara Hernandez

2nd Place

"Super Kitty 3: Scarlett's First Mission"

by Sarah Kim

3rd Place

"There's A Ghost in My House"

by Gloria Adele Walters

4th Place

"Sheila the Horse"

by Audrey Estala

Third Grade

1st Place

"Manny the Mischief"

by Olivia Arias

2nd Place

"Wolf and Fox Make a Friend"

by Marcie Valdez

3rd Place

"The Incredible Friends"

by Chiara Niño

4th Place

"The 'Decative' Cats: The Case of the Missing Kittens"

by Ainsley Walker

Fourth Grade

1st Place

"Friendship without Barriers"

by Estrella Salazar

2nd Place

"A Dragon Looking for her Long Lost Sister"

by Juliet Morales

3rd Place

"The Power of Kindness"

by Judith Falkner

4th Place

"The Quest to Find the Power Stone"

by Hailey Morales

Fifth Grade

1st Place

"Pets and Friends"

by Miranda Amparan

2nd Place

"Domino's Second Chance"

by Mia Reyes

3rd Place

"Halloween and the Haunted House"

by Mary Walters

4th Place

"Was He Scared?"

by Jonah Reyes

Every year PBS El Paso is a proud participant in the PBS KIDS annual Writers Contest because it underscores our commitment to the success of children in our community,” said Emily Martin Loya, Station Manager for PBS El Paso. “This year, the original deadline was slated for the end of March and COVID-19 impacted the way we usually work with schools and classrooms for entries.

More of our entries were direct from families who were balancing at-home, online school and adjusting to working from home and the stress of all these changes. Though we had fewer entries this year, the quality of entries was as high as ever. We want to applaud all the students (and their families) who made time to write and illustrate their creative stories at home."