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306 Sessions is a dynamic variety music show. It is an artistic community platform created to highlight talented musicians performing original music from El Paso, New Mexico, and sometimes travelers from all over perform on our amazing stage. 306 Sessions is filmed at Zeven Music Entertainment Studios. So join the movement, be the movement, and find your music at 306 Sessions Concert Series.
306 SessionsKatelynn Dubow, Sam Limon, Accident Prone, Daniel Avalos
306 SessionsDaisy Blue Band, Stocksmile, and BZ$
306 SessionsDeep Shadows, Swingtowns Finest, and Chelsea Beth
306 SessionsOur Friend The Mountain, Dizz Brew, and Soularae
306 SessionsAngie B. Marie, Dawn Sheperd & the Covert Dragon, Katelynn D
306 SessionsHot Shot Kixxx, BZ$, Selena and Vi
306 SessionsDef-I, F Bombs, Daisy Blue
306 SessionsSomewhat Lethargic, Golden Crack, Ten Second Pistol
306 SessionsThe Can Dance, Emily Davis, Ten Second Pistol
306 SessionsMeganoke, Angie B. Marie, Stan Z
306 SessionsOld Kids, Papaya Riot, and JUJU
306 SessionsTheory Room, Kikimora and Meganoke
306 SessionsRestless Like Me, The Planets, and Def-i
306 SessionsMountain Vibes, Trost House, and Daniel Rivera
306 SessionsDulche Mal, Dayannah, and Stovall
306 SessionsJupiter Junkies, Hope Riot, Javier Martinez & Ten Second Pis
306 SessionsStan A, Papaya Riot, and Emily Davis
306 SessionsTrost House, Gabo & Guillermo, and Golden Crack