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ROOTED | Kathrin Berg

Season 2, Episode 10

For this final episode of Rooted, we decided to highlight someone very special to our PBS El Paso family! Kathrin Berg has not only served as the host of the El Paso Physician for over 25 years, but she has also continuously helped support the growth of El Paso through her involvement in many community initiatives.

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ROOTED | Season Teaser | 2021

PBS El Paso's series, ROOTED, explores the dynamic of close-knit communities, including people from all walks of life, who find ways to connect and grow together through mutual hobbies and interests.

ROOTED | Natalie Beagle | S2E1

In our first episode, we meet Natalie Beagle of Seek Truth Garden. 
Special thanks to Natalie's partner, Natasha Acevedo. 

ROOTED | East Lubbock Art House Community Fridge | S2E2

This episode of ROOTED covers the story of "East Lubbock Art House Community Fridge," a local effort to feed a community in need. 

ROOTED | Don Shapiro | S2E3

This episode covers the story of Don Shapiro, entrepreneur and mastermind behind Action West Jeans. Learn more about how Shapiro's perseverance and success helped cultivate El Paso's current social and economic landscape.

ROOTED | LCT'S Youth Artist Guild | S2E4

This episode covers the story of Lubbock Community Theatre's Youth Artist Guild—a student-led program for kids ages 8-18, created to help give leadership skills through theatre production, business, planning, and management. Learn how this program started in Lubbock, Texas, how the young participants of this program are giving back to the community, and how you can get involved.

ROOTED | LCT'S Youth Artist Guild | S2E4


CEO Chad Wheeler explains that Open Door is about more than service; it is about building relationships and community. It offers resources, a support system, community, and opportunities that help others in need.

ROOTED | Rogelio Catano - Churro Time 4.0 | S2E7


Rogelio Catano is the owner of the international churro dough distributor, "Churro Time." He began the non-profit organization, "Churro Time 4.0," which aims to empower those with disabilities by providing resources for them to own their own churro kiosk.

ROOTED | West Texas Dancing Raiderettes | S2E8

The West Texas Dancing Raiderettes is a non-profit organization in Lubbock, Texas, that helps young ladies reach their aspirations through dance and educational/enrichment classes. The main focus is to provide young women with an outlet for well mentored and well-rounded activities.

ROOTED | Jud Burgess of Brave Books | S2E9


Jud Burgess, owner of Brave Books in El Paso, explains that his mission is to elevate others’ quality of life when they enter his book store. Brave Books aims to improve the city’s literacy rates, which are currently within the bottom 5% in the U.S. Through the power of books, reading, and the store’s inclusivity, Jud hopes that members of the El Paso community may be engaged and empowered when they enter Brave Books.