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Only in El Paso | S8E01 | Xingaderas

Local El Paso Artist, Manuel Urueta, is inspired by the collision of cultures within our border town, deriving influence from traditional Mexican mask art to spread awareness about multiple cultural subjects aiming to unite humanity.

Only in El Paso | S8E04 | Witnessing a Revolution

Join us as we take a peek into our city's history in the Mexican Revolution and learn about the famous revolutionaries who spent time in our neighborhoods.

Only in El Paso | S8E07 | Tino Ortega

Tino Ortega's murals go beyond aesthetics; they aim to spark conversations, bridge divides, and inspire positive action. Through his art, he cultivates empathy, understanding, and compassion, fostering healing and unity within communities.

Only in El Paso | S8E10 | The McCall Center

We delve into the rich history and impactful work of The McCall Center, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of El Paso that plays a vital role in preserving and honoring Black heritage in the Southwest. Our interview with members of the center offers a captivating glimpse into their tireless efforts to advance the African American community and safeguard its historical legacy.

Only in El Paso | S8E13 | Juan Gabriel

In this special episode of Only In El Paso, we honor and celebrate the legacy of Juan Gabriel, the beloved Mexican singer-songwriter. Watch now to learn about how he transcended borders and became a symbol of strength, unity, and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community in Juarez and El Paso.

Only in El Paso | S8E02 | Monteleone's

We’re back with a spooky new episode… just in time for the Halloween season. We visit with local restaurant, Monteleone’s Ristorante, to uncover the ghostly stories behind the intriguing establishment. 

Only in El Paso | S8E05 | Dave's

Located in one of the oldest buildings in El Paso, TX, Dave’s A Pawn Shop has, through the decades, established itself as an iconic staple of downtown El Paso. This episode of gives you a peek inside this interesting, eclectic, and one-of-a-kind shop!

Only in El Paso | S8E08 | Frontera Land Alliance

The Frontera Land Alliance, a non-profit organization that aims to protect natural open spaces, wildlife, and watersheds in the northern Chihuahuan Desert. All while, educating our community about our environment. Take a look!

Only in El Paso | S8E11 | The Holocaust Museum
Did you know El Paso became a safe haven for numerous Holocaust survivors who sought refuge and a fresh start after the horrors they endured? These brave individuals, who carried the weight of unimaginable experiences, found support and embraced the opportunities that our city offered. Today, the El Paso Holocaust Museum stands tall in the heart of our city and acts as a tribute to the survivors who made this community their home.

Only in El Paso | S8E14 | Old Sheepdog Brewery
In this episode, we spotlight Old Sheepdog Brewery. This local gem isn’t just about brewing great beers, it’s a cornerstone of our community and a reflection of our vibrant culture.

Only in El Paso | S8E03 | Femme Frontera

Femme Frontera is a nonprofit organization that was created to help elevate the borderland by empowering women and non-binary filmmakers to share their stories through the art of film. Learn about how they have been an integral part of our community.

Only in El Paso | S8E06 | Vegan Eats

We speak with local business owners about the growing vegan options in our city and the benefits this can bring to our community. 

Only in El Paso | S8E09 | Bridge Pups Rescue

On this episode of Only In El Paso, we sit down with Ruby Montana and learn about Bridge Pups Rescue, an organization that Ruby created to rescue and reunite pets with their families after being separated crossing the southwest border.

Only in El Paso | S8E12 | Mija, Yes You Can.
Join us as we shine a light into local non profit, Mija, Yes You Can's. An organization that inspires women. They create empowerment in our community and foster a true sense of solidarity and unity. Take a look at the impact that can be made.

Only in El Paso | S8E15 | Old Sheepdog Brewery
 This month we celebrate tamales and how they are so near and dear to all of us on the frontera. Join us as we interview two remarkable women who are not only owners of two renowned restaurants, La Tapatia Inc. and Las Hijas del Máis, but are carrying the legacy of their family businesses. Hear their stories of inheriting and preserving the rich tradition of tamale-making and what makes tamales important to our community. 

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