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PBS El Paso is expanding your viewing experience!

Starting July 1, 2023, PBS El Paso will be moving to a new channel lineup to enhance your viewing experience. PBS HD will remain on Channel 13.1. Create TV will now be available on Channel 13.2, and we are excited to introduce our 24/7 PBS KIDS channel on Channel 13.3! Mark your calendars for July 1st, and get ready to tune in to the new and improved PBS El Paso channel lineup.

PBS HD will remain on Channel 13.1. There will be no changes to this channel.

Create TV will now be available to watch on Channel 13.2.

We are excited to introduce our 24/7 PBS KIDS channel on Channel 13.3!

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24/7 PBS KIDS Channel

Our 24/7 PBS KIDS channel provides round-the-clock educational programming, guaranteeing that PBS KIDS' exceptional content is accessible to children and caregivers at any hour of the day. With a focus on high-quality programming, this free service offers a wide range of engaging and informative content to support children's learning and development. Whether it's early mornings, late nights, or any time in between, PBS El Paso ensures that educational opportunities are available whenever they are needed, empowering children with knowledge and fostering a love for learning.

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Create TV

Create TV is a captivating television network that offers a diverse range of programming focused on art, cooking, crafting, gardening, and home improvement. It inspires and educates viewers, encouraging them to explore their passions and discover new skills. Whether you're seeking inspiration or looking to learn something new, Create TV provides engaging content for all.

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Q & A

Why are these changes taking place?
By implementing these changes, PBS El paso is expanding PBS programming to a greater audience in El Paso.

Where can the EPCC channel and the City of El Paso channel be seen?
For this information, you may contact EPCC and the City of El Paso.

Other than over the air, where can Create TV and PBS KIDS be watched?
Create TV is currently on channel 1268 on Spectrum in El Paso. PBS KIDS is available to stream online at and with the PBS KIDS video app. 

I'm having an issue seeing the channels. What can I do?
Go to the MENU settings on your TV and rescan your channels.